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Data and Documentation

Data Warehouse

The data warehouse includes four databases, which correspond to the four sections of the dashboard. Users can access two different versions of the data warehouse, one containing only minimal descriptive information, and one containing full descriptive metadata.


There are four databases: 1) Wealth Topography; 2) Wealth Inequality Trends; 3) Estate, Inheritance, and Gift Taxes: and 4) Inheritance Trends

The databases can also be accessed directly by users, either through each section-specific file or by downloading the entire warehouse file.


The metadata provide detailed information on sources of data, longer descriptions of variables and concepts used, procedures of aggregation and estimation, bibliography links, and complementary information.


The documentation provides detailed information about the construction of the warehouse, as well as about the codebook and data-assembling process.

Download Documentation:

File Last Update Download
Full Documentation 6/5/2023 .pdf

Download Data:

The first version of the Data Warehouse and each section-specific database will be released by September 2023, after the beta testing phase of the website.

File Last Update Download
Full Warehouse 5/19/2023 .csv | .xlsx | .dta
Full Warehouse including Metadata 5/19/2023 .csv | .xlsx | .dta

Download Data: Section-specific

Section File Last Update Download
Wealth Topography Database 5/19/2023 .csv | .xlsx | .dta
Database including Metadata 5/19/2023 .csv | .xlsx | .dta
Wealth Inequality Trends Database 5/19/2023 .csv | .xlsx | .dta
Database including Metadata 5/19/2023 .csv | .xlsx | .dta
Estate, Inheritance, and Gift Taxes Database 5/19/2023 .csv | .xlsx | .dta
Database including Metadata 5/19/2023 .csv | .xlsx | .dta
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