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The GC Wealth Project

“Wealth, a vital determinant of household well-being, is fundamentally different from income, yet our understanding of wealth is much less developed. Wealth offers many potential advantages to individual households. However, extreme wealth concentration compounds other socio-economic inequalities, reduces intergenerational mobility, and damages the democratic process. It is essential that researchers and policymakers examine data on wealth distribution, composition, and taxation, and scrutinize the underlying evidence and assumptions.”

Salvatore Morelli

Director of the GC Wealth Project

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What is the composition of household wealth in the United States?


How is wealth inequality changing in the United States over time?


How are estate, inheritance, and gift taxes handled in the United States?


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Digital Library of Research on Wealth Inequality

The Digital Library is a comprehensive collection of important, innovative, and high-quality academic papers, books, and other research focused on the accumulation of wealth and wealth inequality. Available under each reference are BibTeX citations and abstracts (see dropdowns). BibTeX citations for all references visible can be downloaded via the menu button at the top of the library.

The full library can be accessed via the View Full Library button above. Each entry is also classified into at least one of eight categories. Click on any of the category icons to browse only that subsection of the library. (Please note that the library is a work in progress and is being updated regularly.)

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